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CuP CaKe CRaZy

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Obviously at Dizzy Spit Roast Catering we pride ourselves on our amazing rotisserie meats and salads, however it doesn't just stop there. In our opinion, and i'm sure a lot of people will agree, a meal is not complete unless it is followed by dessert. This is why we have carefully constructed a range of premium individual desserts to fit in perfectly with our spit roast packages.

We now offer a whole range of delicious sweet treats including individual puddings and tarts, but it's our cupcakes that will make you go mad! Miniature versions of all your favourites including mud, carrot and cheese, jazzed up and oozing style.

Cupcake stations are a creative way to display these little pieces of art and will definitely be a popular feature, however you will have to keep an eye on your guests as they won't be able to keep their hot little hands off these little guys.

Feel free to add any of our desserts to any of our spit roast packages, and if you would like to create a station similar to the one pictured, we would be more than happy to assist.

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