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Wedding lights in Noosa, Sunshine Coast
  • Do you cook whole pigs and lambs?
    At Dizzy Spit Roasts we do not. Other than the aesthetics, we don't believe there are any other pros to cooking a whole beast.
  • Which cuts of meats to you cook with?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts cooks with boneless legs or pork and lamb, and whole beef rump.
  • Is your meat free range?
    Yes, our beef and lamb are both free range and our pork is sow stall, free raised. All our meat is ethically farmed here in Australia.
  • Is the spit roast cooked at our venue?
    Yes, Dizzy Spit Roasts cook all their spits on site at your venue, unless otherwise requested.
  • Do you cook with charcoal or gas?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts cook with open charcoal spits, with natural charcoal product. The only exception, is if there is a total fire ban declared on the day of the event, in which case we will cook on gas spits.
  • How much food do you supply?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts allocate 250g of meat p/p, 200-250g of sides p/p (depending on side eg. leaf is a lot lighter or pasta/potato based) and 1 bread roll p/p
  • What if my guests are big eaters?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts suggest that you cater for more guests than that are attending. You need to remember it is not an "all you can eat buffet", we can not control how much your guests serve themselves.
  • Do you have any gluten free options?
    Yes, all Dizzy Spit Roasts' meats are gluten free, as are any of the sides listed on our menu, which have the wheat symbol beneath them.
  • What do we need to supply?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts require a outdoor space to set up the spits, reasonably close to a power source and away form any smoke alarms. We also require shelter, in the event of bad weather.
  • What time do you arrive to set up?
    Generally we will arrive around 3.5h-5h prior to your eating time, depending on the size of the function.
  • Is there a cook included in the price?
    Yes, staff are included in the prices of our budget and premium packages.
  • Which areas do you service?
    Dizzy Spit Roasts services Noosa, Sunshine Coast and surrunding suburbs

Frequently  Asked Questions

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