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The Rump Cap, or Picanha as it is known as in Brazil, is one of our favourite cuts of Beef. We first fell in love with this unique cut of meat on our first trip to Brazil, over twelve years ago. Dizzy Spit Roasts now offer a Picanha Party package, which is great for smaill groups, of up to 25 people. If you have't tried Picanha before we recommend you do, trust us you won't regret it.

A taste of Uruguay in Rio

South America, and Brazil in particular is a massive influence of ours. Our love affair with rostiserie roasted meats began twelve years ago after our first visit to this amazing country. It's ironic though, that one of the most famous, and one of our favourite meat destinations in Rio, is actually the Uruguayan Sandwiches from Barraca Do Uruguay, situated bang smack on Ipanema Beach, at the world famous Posto 9 strip. They offer a choice of Chicken, Beef or Sausage on a delicious bread roll, with onions, chimichurri, and chilli sauce. Throw in a refreshing Caprinha or ice cold Cerveja, and you are in pure heaven. If you ever get the chance to visit Rio De Janeiro, make sure you stop at Barr

Killer Pork Sandwiches - Mr Crackles

If you want to experience a killer roast pork sandwich, look no further than Mr Crackles in Darlinghurst. Crackling pork belly with vietnamese salad, mayonnaise and throw in all the chilli you can handle, and you've got a pretty mean sandwich.


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