May 12, 2015

Obvioulsy at Dizzy Spit Roast Catering we pride ourselves on our amazing rotisserie meats and salads, however it doesn't just stop there. In our opinion, and i'm sure a lot of people will agree, a meal is not complete unless it is followed by dessert. This is why we ha...

May 6, 2015

As spit roast caterers we have seen our fair share of rustic and country themed weddings, and in our opinion there isn't a better suited wedding cake to compliment this style of wedding, than a Tiered Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake.


Wedding cheese cakes don't have to be lim...

May 4, 2015


The tradtional Arancini Ball has fast become a staple addition for majority of our Premium and Wedding Spit Roast packages. These crunchy, golden brown balls, with soft Risotto like centre, are absolutely mouth watering and an ideal warm up for your delicious spit roa...

April 26, 2015

Introducing Dizzy Spit Roasts' latest addition to our Canapes menu. The Choripan is a traditional Argentinian Chorizo Hot Dog - a charcoal grilled Chorizo sausage and Chimichurri sauce on a crusty bread roll. This flavorful Chorizo sandwich, also called chori for short...

April 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered what your caterer is actually serving up? At Dizzy Spit Roasts we want to ensure you that although our prices aren't so harsh on the wallet, we don't compromise the quality of our meat to acheive it. All our meat is of an extremely high standard,...

September 28, 2014


The Rump Cap, or Picanha as it is known as in Brazil, is one of our favourite cuts of Beef. We first fell in love with this unique cut of meat on our first trip to Brazil, over twelve years ago. Dizzy Spit Roasts now offer a Picanha Party package, which is great for s...

September 21, 2014


South America, and Brazil in particular is a massive influence of ours. Our love affair with rostiserie roasted meats began twelve years ago after our first visit to this amazing country.


It's ironic though, that one of the most famous, and one of our favourite meat d...

September 16, 2014


If you want to experience a killer roast pork sandwich, look no further than Mr Crackles in Darlinghurst. Crackling pork belly with vietnamese salad, mayonnaise and throw in all the chilli you can handle, and you've got a pretty mean sandwich.

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