At Dizzy Spit Roasts our primary focus is on providing perfectly cooked, charcoal rotisserie meats of the highest quality. Complemented by our extensive list of premium sides and excellent customer service, we strive ensure that your guests will leave extremely satisfied and very impressed. There are a number of contributing factors in achieving this and that’s what sets us apart from our competition.


Firstly and most importantly – our meat selection. Our meat is sourced locally from a Northern Beaches wholesaler and is 100% ethically farmed here in Australia. Our Beef and lamb are both free range and our pork is sow stall free raised – learn more about our meat. The cuts of meat that we cook with – boneless legs of pork and lamb and whole beef rump – in our opinion are by far he best for rotisserie cooking. They are cylindrical in shape and therefore cook evenly, resulting in no under or overcooked pieces of meat and absolutely no wastage. What you see is what you eat.


Our Dizzy specialty and our most recommended cut is the whole beef rump. This piece of meat is made for rotisserie cooking, with a nice layer of fat around the outside, it renders down whilst cooking, self basting the meat with every rotation. This, along with our own Dizzy seasoning and the smokiness from the charcoal, results in a tender, slow cooked, melt in your mouth texture, with a unique flavour that we can assure you is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before.


Unlike a number of our competitors, all our spit roasts are cooked from scratch, onsite at your venue (unless otherwise requested). Meaning that we DO NOT pre cook our meat prior to our arrival and just simply finish it off on the spit. Although our method will take longer to cook (approx 2-4 hours in total depending on your choice of meat) than these other “short cut methods”, the final result is uncomparable.


Dizzy Spit Roasts chooses to cook with real charcoal product, as apposed to cheaper sinthethic alternatives, such as heat beads that contain chemicals in which to keep them burning longer. Our briquettes are made from 100% charcoal and contain no harmful chemicals. Not only are they much better for the environment, they also result in a much more authentic charcoal flavour, after all, that’s what you would expect from a charcoal spit.


Our list of cold sides and condiments are specially designed to suit just about every requirement, including a range of gluten free and dairy free options. They are all transported pre-prepped then assembled and dressed onsite just prior to eating, to ensure maximum quality and freshness.


Finally to top it all off, our attention to detail and customer service is of the highest quality, from the time of enquiry right through to the day of your event. It is our mission to make your Dizzy experience one that you and your guests will never forget.


Booking enquiries

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
P: 0491 030 093
E: info@dizzyspitroasts.com

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